Rouse High School Dance Teams
 Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a unified team that strives to respect, encourage, and challenge each other while valuing every lesson learned together. We will walk together as one to radiate positive values in our community.  We want to embrace the unexpected and take these opportunities to make lifelong memories with one another and to remember that this team is bigger than ourselves.

Rouse Royals Dance Team Values

5 Core Values:

Respect, Integrity, Loyalty, Graciousness, Dedication

Rouse Royal Motto:

Respect the path laid before us, Always act with graciousness and integrity, Remain dedicated and loyal to our team.

The Rouse Royal Creed:

We will RESPECT each other and every person that comes in contact with our organization.

We have INTEGRITY and do what’s right all of the time.

We are LOYAL to our team always putting the team first.

We are GRACIOUS in our victory and defeat. We are the same person every day.

We are DEDICATED to our job and always prepared.

We are a family that works hard, serves others, and lives Raider Pride.


The Rouse High School Royals Dance Team consists of young ladies who have a passion for dance and a commitment to excellence. Throughout the year, the Royals perform at football games, pep rallies, basketball games, competitions, community events, and spring show.

Royals pride themselves on working together as a unified team to reach their goals. They are a structured and disciplined team that focuses on respect for themselves, their directors, and their teammates. It is their goal to be role models both in school and in the community.

Auditions for the Rouse Royals are held in December for the following school year. Students enrolled in dance classes are encouraged to tryout. Students who are not enrolled in dance classes may audition as well.

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