In 2008, Amy McKee (Director at Running Brushy Middle School and Former TVCC Cardette) was hired to start a new dance team at a new high school in Leander ISD. The Rouse High School Dance Team began in the spring of 2008 with 12 line members and named Royals by its first line.

* Amy McKee designed the first Royal Field uniform during the Fall of 2008. The maroon and sequin overlay was inspired by a Queen Victoria gown. The first line voted to have boots and hats.

*The first two years of existence had freshman on the team. Now, the team consists of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. Freshman audition in December and become Royal “Rookies” during spring semester of their freshman year.

*Mrs. McKee developed the 5 core values of a Royal during the first year.  Loyalty, Respect, Dedication, Integrity and Graciousness

*The Crown has been adopted as the Royals official symbol.

*Synergy is the Royal’s summer camp. Mrs. McKee named the camp Synergy because that week focuses on coming together as a team to achieve common goals.

*Big/Lil Sis’s began in the summer of 2011.

* Royals begin in the spring of 2008 with 2 Lieutenants.  In 2009 5 Lieutenants made the officer line.  Ranks were establish in 2010.  The Royal officer line consists of a Captain, 1st. Lt, and 2nd Lts.  The first Royal Captain was Ashley Dyer.

*Social Officers were established in 2010.  The Social Officer Line consists of a Social Captain and Social Company members.  The first Social Captain was Marissa Reale. 

*Assistant Directors for the Royals have been: Jacki Lynch, Jennifer Bussear, and Madi Houston.

*The Royals held their first spring show “Revue” in the Spring of 2009.  The show was titled “New Beginnings” focusing on who the Royals are, what they stand for, and where they are headed in the future.  Revue occurs each spring and features guests such as middle school dance teams, choir, colorguard, RHS dance classes, dance clinic participants, and area dance studios.

*Royal Guards were added in 2009.  The first Royal Guard was Josh Bush. Royal Guards are a select group of young men that help Royals throughout the year.  They are also known for their dance numbers at Revue.

*The Royals team motto “Respect the path laid before us; Always act with graciosness and integriy; Remain dedicated and loyal to our team” was established in 2011 by social officer Haley King.

*The Royals perform a traditional jazz routine to “Let’s Groove” choreographed by Lauren Caffey the first football game every year.

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