Poinsettias will go on sale on October 1st!!

Poinsettias will be delivered the week of November 26th!!

3 Convenient Ways to order

1. Purchase from any Royal, Rhythm member, Royal Guard or Manager.

Cash or check: $15 each
Checks Payable to RHS Royals Booster Club (include DL # and Phone #)

2. Order online here or in the store tab

Paypal/Credit card: $16 each

Purchaser Name
Dancer’s Name

3. Print and mail form below with check to:

RHS Royals Booster Club
PO Box 414
Cedar Park, TX 78630

2018 Poinsettia Order Form


Checks Payable to: RHS Royals Booster

Mail order form and check to RHS Royals Booster

P.O. Box 414

Cedar Park, Texas 78630

Please include Drivers License # and Phone # on checks

pay on line  www.rouseroyals.com  click on store tab

The Rouse Royals and Rhythm Dance Company Appreciates Your Support!!!

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