Rhythm Dance Company

Rouse High School

Rhythm Dance Company

 Rhythm Dance Company Vision Statement:

To inspire each other to be dancers of strong character who serve others and foster Rouse Raider school spirit.

Rhythm Dance Company Mission Statement:

Develop Strong technical dancers and leaders who work hard, serve their school and community, and strive for personal excellence in both academics and dance.

Rhythm Dance Company Creed:

R espect for each other and RDC traditions.

D edication to our team and determination to always do our best.

C onnection with our RDC family and every performance.

Rhythm Dance Company is an extracurricular dance and spirit organization at Rouse High School that focuses on integrating a variety of dance styles with technical guard skills. Rhythm Dance Company is an extension of the Raider Marching Band program and performs alongside the band during the halftime show. RDC members will focus on precision and unison movement while gaining a more well-rounded dance education  as they incorporate the arts into their everyday lives. Rhythm also competes in contests during the spring season and performs in the Rouse Royal Revue.






WH_0089 Rythmn Dance

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